About the Use Cases

Use cases describe the system from the user’s point of view.

Use cases describe the interaction between a primary actor (the initiator of the interaction) and the system itself, represented as a sequence of simple steps. Actors are something or someone which exist outside the system under study, and that take part in a sequence of activities in a dialogue with the system to achieve some goal. Actors may be end users, other systems, or hardware devices. Each use case is a complete series of events, described from the point of view of the actor.

The following table describes the use case template.



Use Case ID

Abbreviated way to communicate use case


Descriptive title


Other names; previous references


Brief description; one or two sentences


Who is involved? Can be people, systems, active or passive


What assumptions exist? Prerequisites?

Basic Course of Events

1. Step by step account of actions.

2. Listed in chronological order

3. High-level account of what is being done to whom?


What state should the system be in after completion of use case?

Alternate Path

Variations on basic course of events; could evolve into new use case.


What prevents use case from being successfully executed?


Unresolved questions, concerns, issues; may affect info above.

Author, Date, Version

Author initials, version info

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