Component Descriptions

To help achieve the end use case functionalities such as unlocking a hard drive, the Remote Encryption Management solution provides many different building block components. The following figure shows a high-level diagram of the main components which exist in the Remote Encryption Management solution.


Manageability Application/Manageability Interface: The Manageability Interface is a WS-MAN service which provides a means for an external application (such as the manageability application in this diagram) to interface to the security application providing Remote Encryption Management support.

Main Application: Command line or Graphical Interface which acts as primary interface to end user.  Communicates with Remote Encryption Management Library to execute the Remote Encryption Management use cases such as unlock and provide status feedback.

Remote Encryption Management Library:  Library that provides the functions to execute the Remote Encryption Management use cases.  Communicates with the Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) Library to execute all functionality related specifically to Intel AMT functionality.  Communicates with the ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Library to generate and process WS-MAN formatted string used to communicate with the ATA-Over-LAN Bridge application.  Writes messages to the SOL communication channel and reads messages from SOL communication channel.

Intel AMT Library: Library with functions to perform Intel AMT functionality using either WS-MAN or EOI protocols.  This library includes functionality such as verifying connection to Intel AMT client system, remote power management, and redirection for SOL/IDER.

ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Library: Library which is used to generate WS-MAN formatted messages to be sent to the ATA-Over-LAN Bridge application and process response messages received from ATA-Over-LAN Bridge application.  This library is strongly tied to ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Application; but does not communicate directly with ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Application.

SOL Communication Channel: Communication channel which is used to send messages between the Remote Encryption Management Library and the Intel AMT client system running the Remote Encryption Management Bridge ISO.  SOL session functionality is implemented using the Intel AMT Library.

Remote Encryption Management Bridge Image: ISO image which is pushed to Intel AMT client system and booted to in IDER session.  ISO image contains ATA-Over-LAN Bridge application which will automatically start after ISO is booted.  For PBA solutions this component is not needed.

ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Application: Application that runs on Intel AMT client system.  Applications reads WS-MAN formatted messages sent over SOL communication channel, performs action specified in WS-MAN formatted message, and writes response WS-MAN formatted messages out to SOL communication channel.  This application is strongly tied with ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Library, but does not communicate directly with the ATA-Over-LAN Bridge Library. For PBA solutions this component is integrated into the PBA.

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