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Determine if the Platform has a Wireless Interface

The following steps describe how to examine the capabilities of the Ethernet ports of the platform to see if there is a wireless interface on the platform.


Starting with Intel AMT Release 7.0., a desktop platform can have a wireless interface. This use case applies to those platforms as well.


1.  Enumerate the instances of CIM_EthernetPort.

2.  If there is an instance of CIM_EthernetPort with a DeviceID equal to “Intel(r) AMT Ethernet Port 1”, the port is a wireless interface.

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$portIsWirelessInterface = $false

foreach($ethernetPortItem in $wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_EthernetPort").Enumerate())


    $deviceID = $ethernetPortItem.Object.GetProperty("DeviceID")

    if($deviceID -like "Intel(r) AMT Ethernet Port 1")


          $portIsWirelessInterface = $true






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