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Enabling Client-Initiated Local Access Fast Call for Help

Only three steps are required to enable client-initiated local access Fast Call for Help:

   Subscribe for the user initiation event, either via the event manager or with WS-Eventing. The event is an AMT Notification Alert. The WS-Eventing event is iAMT0036.

   Enable environment detection, including with it a list of domain suffixes that define the locations that are “inside the enterprise”. When a user initiates a connection, either via the BIOS or via the IMSS or other local application, and Intel AMT detects that it is inside the enterprise, it sends a local alert directly to its subscriber. See Environment Detection.

   Trigger user initiation using an application running on the host (IMSS), or via the MEBx/BIOS, or both. See Enable/Disable the User Interfaces.

note-icon Note:

If the user is not subscribed to the user initiation event the user will not be able to initiate the call.

If a CILA configured machine is relocated to outside the enterprise and triggers a Fast Call for Help, two events will be sent at a Fast Call for Help: 

   An MPS connection event generated by the MPS.

   The WS-Eventing event generated by the platform.


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