This structure is used to pass time-out parameters when establishing an IDE-R session.


   The parameters in this structure determine when either Intel AMT or the console will drop an IDE-R session because of a timeout. You will have to balance a quick response when a session should be dropped with allowing enough time for a response under slow network conditions. If timeouts do occur, you may need to extend the default values to a higher value.

   The redirection library uses the values in this structure to define an interval for heartbeats that it sends to Intel AMT and for a receive timeout. These parameters are:

library heartbeat interval = rx_timeout / 2

library receive timeout = hb_interval × 2


typedef struct {

    unsigned short rx_timeout;

    unsigned short tx_timeout;

    unsigned short hb_timeout;

} IDERTout;



Value or Description


The client receive timeout, in milliseconds. If this much time passes before receiving any messages from the library, the client shuts down the IDE-R session. When an IDE-R session is open, the library continually sends out messages to make sure that the client’s receive timeout does not expire (the library heartbeat interval is based on the client receive timeout setting).

Minimum value: 10000

Maximum value: 65535

Default value: 10000


The client heartbeat interval. This is the number of milliseconds the client waits before sending a heartbeat message to the library. A value of 0 means that no heartbeat messages are sent. In this case, the library will periodically send IDE-R keep-alive ping messages to the client when there is no activity, to determine if it is still alive.

If the value is non-zero, it should never be set to less than 100, as the client may not have time to respond and the library will close the session prematurely. Depending on network conditions, an even longer interval may be required. The recommended value is at least 1000 (one second).

Since a vPro Gateway server (MPS) has a 30-second heartbeat, redirection sessions over an MPS should have a heartbeat interval that is less than 30 seconds to avoid sessions halting prematurely.

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 65535

Default value: 5000


The client’s command transmit timeout. This is the number of milliseconds the clients waits when sending out an IDE command. If the client does not receive a response from the library to the command within the specified amount of milliseconds, the client will close the IDE-R session. A value of 0 means that no command transmit timeout is used.

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 65535

Default value: 0

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