Interface Architecture

The Manageability Interface is a CIM-based service using the classes shown in the following figure.




An extension of CIM_Service class, this class provides the ability to remotely unlock one or more encrypted systems.  This service is associated CIM_ApplicationSystem object which represents the application which is implementing the Remote Encryption Management functionality.  This class exposes two methods: ‘UnlockSystems’ and ‘GetUnlockedSystems’


Represents an application or software system that supports a particular business function.  In this case, it represents the application software responsible for managing encrypted systems which implemented the Remote Encryption Management functionality.


Represents a generic unit of work, such as a batch or print job.  In this case the job corresponds to a list of one or more encrypted systems which are requested to be unlocked.  A job is created by the AMT_RemoteEncryptionManagementService class when the ‘UnlockSystems’ method is invoked


Represents an association between a service and the system on which the functionality resides.  In this case the encryption software and its remote encryption service


Represents an association between a job and the ManagedElement responsible for the creation of the CIM_ConcreteJob instances


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