Remote Encryption Management has two possible players. The first is a solution (referred to as the Security ISV Console) that maintains the credentials needed to unlock hard drives on Intel AMT systems, and utilizes Intel AMT Serial over LAN functionality to perform that unlock.  The second is a solution (referred to as the Manageability ISV console) that is interested in unlocking and managing those same Intel AMT systems. This section focuses on the perspective of the Management ISV console, and the mechanism that it can use to request that the Security ISV console unlock a set of hard drives (referred to as the Manageability Interface).

Sample code for the Manageability Interface is provided as part of Remote Encryption Management SDK.  This example interface is very similar to the Intel® AMT WS-Man interface.  Note that the actual implementation of the interface depends on the Security ISV; they can choose to implement their own interface, to not implement an interface, or to implement above and beyond the example interface specified.  If a given Security ISV chooses not to implement an interface, the unlocking of the Intel AMT systems would need to take place through the Security ISV console.

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