Public Properties

The following are the available public properties exposed by the REMDrive class.




Used to indicate the drive number associated with the drive.  The drive number will depend on the actual drive loading order that is used when the Remote Encryption Management Image boots.  The drive number will only change when a drive is physically hooked up into different SATA port and/or new drives are introduced to the Intel AMT Client system.  Drive number will not change while the REMService is actively running.

Note: If a Drive Name is known it is possible to deduce the Drive Number corresponding to that drive name; however, it is not possible to change a Drive Number without changing the physical drive setup.


An enumerated value that is used to indicate the drive type of the drive: Default, Seagate* Secure*, or Opal.


The DriveName is a concatenation of the drive model number with the drive serial number, and is unique for every drive.  The model number and serial number can be found by executing the ATA command DEVICE INFO. DriveName can be set by providing a known value or can be determine if the REMService is running by calling the function SetDriveName.


The Password is what will be used for drive authentication during drive actions that require authentication like unlock or erase.


The PassType is an enumerated value which indicates which type of user the Password value used for drive authentication should be treated as: user or master(administrator).


A Boolean value which indicates if drive actions should be performed on this drive.  If set to false all drive action requests will be ignored.


A DeviceInfo object that is set with the drive info when a Get Drive Info drive action is performed.


A Boolean value that is set after a drive action is performed that indicates if the drive action was successful.

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