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Remote Encryption Management SDK

The Remote Encryption Management SDK provides the software development tools to develop the capability to remotely administer third-party encryption devices using Intel vPro™ technology. These third-party devices include full disk encryption hard drives with hardware encryption called Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) (such as Seagate* Secure* drives or Opal* Devices) or software encryption solutions. The enabled solution incorporates an ATA-Over-LAN Bridge and uses Intel AMT Serial Over-LAN (SOL) and IDE Redirection (IDER) for managing these technologies. The SDK contents include a sample GUI, source code, and other documentation to assist in supporting software development and integration into third-party data security software solutions. 

For more information, see the following:

   Intel Software License

   Feature and Version Matrix

   Remote Encryption Management Architecture Overview

   Requirements and Configuration

   Release Notes

   SDK Package

   Intel Active Management Technology Library

   ATA-Over-LAN Bridge

   Remote Encryption Management Library

   Manageability Interface

   Test Engine Graphical User Interface

   Known Issues

   Resolved Issues

   Support, Issues & Feedback



It is recommended to use TLS or MTLS as authentication methods for Intel AMT system provisioning.  The hard drive password transmitted during Remote Encryption Management use case functionality execution will be transmitted using Intel AMT SOL communication.  If TLS is not used then hard drive passwords will be sent in the clear which may compromise the security of the password.

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