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Remove a Remote Access Policy

The following steps describe how to remove a Remote Access policy.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_RemoteAccessPolicyRule., where the “PolicyRuleName” key matches the policy to be deleted.




The type of policy. Valid values:

     “User Initiated”




2.  Invoke AMT_RemoteAccessPolicyRule.Delete .

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$policyRuleName = "Alert" # The type of policy that should be removed.

$remoteAccessPolicyRuleRef = $wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("AMT_RemoteAccessPolicyRule")

foreach($remoteAccessPolicyRuleItem in $remoteAccessPolicyRuleRef.Enumerate())


    if($remoteAccessPolicyRuleItem.Object.GetProperty("PolicyRuleName") -like $policyRuleName)


          $remoteAccessPolicyRuleRef = $remoteAccessPolicyRuleItem.Object.ToReference("PolicyRuleName", "CreationClassName")






Instance Diagram

Classes Used in This Flow

SDK Sample

Located at:<SDK_root>\Windows\Intel_AMT\Samples\WS-Management\RemoteAccessAdmin


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