Requirements and Configuration

The Remote Encryption Management solution requires at least two computers connected via a network connection.  One computer serves as the Management Console and is used to run the Management Application, such as the Test GUI included in this SDK.  The other computer must be an Intel AMT system with the third party encryption device.

Management Console System Requirements

The following table describes the system requirements for the Management Console.



Operating System

     Windows Server 2003 (or later)

     Windows XP Service Pack 2 (or later)

     Windows Vista (any edition, service pack)

     Windows Server 2008

     Windows 7

     Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


     Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

     Windows Remote Management (WinRM) must be installed and configured if WS-MAN is used in the Intel AMT Library. (Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7 already have WinRM built into the operating system.) Refer to the Readme.txt file for the latest recommendations on configuration of WinRM on the Management Console system.



By default, only 32-bit operating systems are supported.  For 64-bit support it will be necessary to rename the "imrsdk_x64.dll" to “imrsdk.dll” (this file will be located in the \Remote_Encryption_Management\src\RemoteEncryption Management\Collateral\ folder after the source is first compiled).  Note: this will require deleting or renaming the existing 32-bit version of “imrsdk.dll”.


Client System Requirements

   Intel AMT Release 4.0 and later

   The Intel AMT device must be setup and configured to communicate with the Management Console before the Remote Encryption Management can be performed.

   If a Self-Encrypting Drive solution (such as Seagate* Secure* drives or Opal* Devices) is used, the SED drive must be initialized by a 3rd party management vendor software solution.


Developer Requirements

For compiling the main Remote Encryption Management SDK:

   Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

   Microsoft WinRM 1.1 or later (refer to the above section Management Console System Requirements for a list of Operating Systems which have WinRM pre-installed)

Additional requirement for the Manageability Interface:

   Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 for Microsoft .NET


Secure Communication Setup Requirements

Intel AMT client systems may be setup and configured to utilize secure communication using TLS or MTLS security.  These security models require certificate(s) to be available on the management console system which will be running the Remote Encryption Management Test Engine.  If these certificates are not available the user will encounter errors when running the Test Engine.

The root certificate associated with the TLS (server side) certificate should be installed to the users trusted root certificate store.  This root certificate does not require the associated private key.

The MTLS (client side) certificate must be:

   Installed to the current user personal store

   Installed with the associated private key

   Installed with the “mark this key as exportable” option selected.

   Installed with all additional certificates necessary to make up a full chain of trust


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