Script Option

The SoH validation can be done using a script written in javascript (the script must have a .js extension). Select the script option and navigate to the directory containing the script.

The SHV expects the script to have two functions–a function named “Validate” and a function named “GetString”. The SHV converts the SoH XML to a string and passes it to the Validate function. The Validate function returns either a zero, indicating that the SoH is compliant, or it returns a non-zero value, indicating non-compliance. The SHV calls Getstring with the numeric return to get a string that corresponds to the specific returned condition.

The distribution includes a sample script, ValidationScript.js. The script demonstrates using the fields in the SoH to determine the condition of the platform. It performs the following steps:

1.  Checks that the SoH signature is valid.

2.  Checks that the Intel AMT version is 4.0 or greater.

3.  Checks that the AMTTimeStamp is not older than five minutes.

The sample script uses a standard ActiveX object to convert the passed string into XML, then uses the object methods to examine specific fields in the SoH. The script could be extended to evaluate additional fields by using the field names as defined in the table above.

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