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Class CIM_OpaqueManagementData

   extended by CIM_ManagedSystemElement
      extended by CIM_LogicalElement
         extended by CIM_EnabledLogicalElement
            extended by CIM_LogicalDevice
               extended by CIM_StorageExtent
                  extended by CIM_OpaqueManagementData

class CIM_OpaqueManagementData
extends CIM_StorageExtent

General Information:
A class derived from StorageExtent that describes opaque management data in managed systems. The structure and semantics of opaque management data, which may be standardized or proprietary, are assumed to be known by at least one management client, but need not be known by the CIM server. The UntransformedDataFormat property identifies the structure and semantics of the data.
Opaque management data are typically stored in non-volatile memory that is accessible to the server. Management clients are able to read and write opaque data, to manage their lifetime, and to configure the access rights associated with them. The non-volatile storage is often used as a mailbox, with local management agents producing data for consumption by remote management clients, or vice versa.
This class is not intended as a general-purpose opaque alternative to any existing or planned CIM classes. It is expressly intended for the mailbox usage model described above.


Supported Fields Summary
 string InstanceID
InstanceID is an optional property that may be used to opaquely and uniquely identify an instance of this class within the scope of the instantiating Namespace . . .
 string ElementName
A user-friendly name for the object . . .
 string SystemCreationClassName Key
The scoping System's CreationClassName.
 string SystemName Key
The scoping System's Name.
 string CreationClassName Key
CreationClassName indicates the name of the class or the subclass used in the creation of an instance . . .
 string DeviceID Key
An address or other identifying information to uniquely name the LogicalDevice.
 string[] IdentifyingDescriptions
An array of free-form strings providing explanations and details behind the entries in the OtherIdentifyingInfo array . . .
 uint64 MaxSize
The maximum number of bytes of opaque management data that the instance may contain.
 string DataFormat
Describes the format of the opaque management data . . .
 uint64 DataSize
The number of bytes of opaque management data in the instance.

Methods Summary
Gets the representation of the instance
  Pull(EnumerationContext, MaxElements)
Pulls instances of this class, following an Enumerate operation
Enumerates the instances of this class
Releases an enumeration context

Field Detail

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