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Class CIM_OpaqueManagementDataCapabilities

   extended by CIM_Capabilities
      extended by CIM_EnabledLogicalElementCapabilities
         extended by CIM_OpaqueManagementDataCapabilities

class CIM_OpaqueManagementDataCapabilities
extends CIM_EnabledLogicalElementCapabilities

General Information:
CIM_OpaqueManagementDataCapabilities describes the capabilities of CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService.


Supported Fields Summary
 boolean ElementNameEditSupported
Boolean indicating whether the ElementName can be modified.
 string InstanceID Key
Within the scope of the instantiating Namespace, InstanceID opaquely and uniquely identifies an instance of this class . . .
 string ElementName
The user friendly name for this instance of Capabilities . . .
 uint64 MaxAvailableStorage
The maximum number of bytes of opaque management data storage managed by the associated CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService, and hence the maximum value of the AvailableStorage property in the associated CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService.
 uint64 MaxReadLength
MaxReadLength indicates the maximum value that the service supports in the Length parameter of the ReadOpaqueManagementData method . . .
 uint64 MaxWriteLength
MaxWriteLength indicates the maximum value that the service supports in the Length parameter of the WriteOpaqueManagementData method . . .
 uint16[2] SupportedMethods
This property advertises the methods that are supported by the service.

Methods Summary
Gets the representation of the instance
  Pull(EnumerationContext, MaxElements)
Pulls instances of this class, following an Enumerate operation
Enumerates the instances of this class
Releases an enumeration context

Field Detail

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