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Class CIM_OpaqueManagementDataOwner

   extended by CIM_OpaqueManagementDataOwner

Association class CIM_OpaqueManagementDataOwner
extends CIM_AssociatedPrivilege

General Information:
CIM_OpaqueManagementDataOwner describes ownership of opaque data by CIM_Identity instances. The definition of CIM_OpaqueManagementDataOwner as a subclass of CIM_AssociatedPrivilege represents the fact that the owner of opaque management data often has privileges to access it, but additionally is responsible for its existence and may have a storage quota against which it is applied. The definition of a distinct subclass facilitates discovery of the owning CIM_Identity instance.


Supported Fields Summary
 boolean RepresentsAuthorizationRights
The RepresentsAuthorizationRights flag indicates whether the rights defined by this instance shall be interpreted as rights of Subjects to access Targets or as rights of Subjects to change those rights on/for Targets.
 uint16[2] QualifierFormats
Defines the semantics of corresponding entries in the ActivityQualifiers array . . .
 string[2] ActivityQualifiers
The ActivityQualifiers property is an array of string values used to further qualify and specify the privileges granted or denied . . .
 uint16[2] Activities
An enumeration indicating the activities that are granted or denied . . .
 boolean PrivilegeGranted
Boolean indicating whether the Privilege is granted (TRUE) or denied (FALSE) . . .
 string UseKey Key
UseKey is used to distinguish instances in case multiple instances of this association exist between the same Subject and Target . . .
 REF CIM_ManagedElement Subject Key
The CIM_Identity instance for whom privileges to the Target are granted or denied, and who is the owner of the Target.
 REF CIM_ManagedElement Target Key
The opaque management data to which the privileges and ownership apply.

Methods Summary
Gets the representation of the instance
  Pull(EnumerationContext, MaxElements)
Pulls instances of this class, following an Enumerate operation
Enumerates the instances of this class
Releases an enumeration context

Field Detail

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