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Class CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService

   extended by CIM_ManagedSystemElement
      extended by CIM_LogicalElement
         extended by CIM_EnabledLogicalElement
            extended by CIM_Service
               extended by CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService

class CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService
extends CIM_Service

General Information:
A class derived from Service that contains global properties of the opaque management data functionality in the CIM server, and provides methods for using this functionality.


Supported Fields Summary
 string Name Key
The Name property uniquely identifies the Service and provides an indication of the functionality that is managed . . .
 string CreationClassName Key
CreationClassName indicates the name of the class or the subclass that is used in the creation of an instance . . .
 string SystemName Key
The Name of the scoping System.
 string SystemCreationClassName Key
The CreationClassName of the scoping System.
 string ElementName
A user-friendly name for the object . . .
 uint16 HealthState
Indicates the current health of the element . . .
 uint16 PrimaryStatus
PrimaryStatus provides a high level status value, intended to align with Red-Yellow-Green type representation of status . . .
 uint64 AvailableStorage
The number of bytes of opaque management data storage available from the CIM_OpaqueManagementDataService . . .

Methods Summary
 uint32 Read(REF OpaqueManagementData, Offset, Length, Data, LockToken)
Read() returns all or some of the bytes of opaque management data in the extent represented by the referenced instance of CIM_OpaqueManagementData.
 uint32 Write(REF OpaqueManagementData, Offset, Length, Truncate, Data, LockToken, REF Job)
Write() modifies all or some of the bytes in the extent represented by the referenced instance of CIM_OpaqueManagementData . . .
Gets the representation of the instance
  Pull(EnumerationContext, MaxElements)
Pulls instances of this class, following an Enumerate operation
Enumerates the instances of this class
Releases an enumeration context

Field Detail

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