public uint16 HealthState
General Information:
Indicates the current health of the element. This attribute expresses the health of this element but not necessarily that of its subcomponents. The possible values are 0 to 30, where 5 means the element is entirely healthy and 30 means the element is completely non-functional. The following continuum is defined:
"Non-recoverable Error" (30) - The element has completely failed, and recovery is not possible. All functionality provided by this element has been lost.
"Critical Failure" (25) - The element is non-functional and recovery might not be possible.
"Major Failure" (20) - The element is failing. It is possible that some or all of the functionality of this component is degraded or not working.
"Minor Failure" (15) - All functionality is available but some might be degraded.
"Degraded/Warning" (10) - The element is in working order and all functionality is provided. However, the element is not working to the best of its abilities. For example, the element might not be operating at optimal performance or it might be reporting recoverable errors.
"OK" (5) - The element is fully functional and is operating within normal operational parameters and without error.
"Unknown" (0) - The implementation cannot report on HealthState at this time.
DMTF has reserved the unused portion of the continuum for additional HealthStates in the future.

ValueMap={0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, .., 32768..65535}
Values={Unknown, OK, Degraded/Warning, Minor failure, Major failure, Critical failure, Non-recoverable error, DMTF Reserved, Vendor Specific}

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