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UEFI BIOS/Intel® CSME WiFi Profile Sharing


The UEFI/CSME Wi-Fi Profile Sharing feature allows the passing of the currently connected Intel® AMT WiFi profile to the UEFI BIOS to enable the BIOS to coexist with Intel AMT, so that both can use the wireless connection. The feature was introduced to enable One-Click Recovery (OCR) over HTTPS using a wireless connection, without disconnecting an Intel AMT session (e.g., a KVM session). This coexistence ensures that both Intel AMT and the UEFI BIOS connect to the same access point, and allows Intel AMT to maintain its IP address.

The feature is available from Intel CSME 16.0.


Although the feature was introduced to enable wireless OCR, it can also be used in any scenario where the UEFI BIOS needs to access the wireless connection.

Related changes:

   New capability field in AMT_BootCapabilities

   New enabled field in AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService. Any change in this field is logged to the Intel AMT audit log.

   New wireless event in Intel AMT Audit Log


The new UEFIWiFiCoExistenceAndProfileShare read-only field added to AMT_BootCapabilities indicates to the console whether the specific platform supports Wi-Fi profile sharing between the UEFI BIOS and Intel AMT.

Profile sharing is supported if all of the following conditions are fulfilled:

   The UEFI BIOS notifies Intel AMT that it supports WiFi coexistence and profile sharing with Intel AMT.

   Intel AMT is configured on the platform; profile sharing is not supported on Standard Manageability SKUs.

   The UEFI BIOS is protected by Intel Boot Guard. The boot guard profile must be 4 or 5.


The new UEFIWiFiProfileShareEnabled read-write field added to AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService allows the system administrator to enable or disable the WiFi profile share with UEFI feature in Intel AMT.

By default, the feature is disabled.

Intel AMT allows enabling the feature only if the value of AMT_BootCapabilities.UEFIWiFiCoExistenceAndProfileShare is True.

Changes to this setting (enabling or disabling profile sharing) are logged with a new wireless configuration event to the Intel AMT Audit Log. For details on the event (Wireless profile share with UEFI enabled setting changed), see the table in Wireless Configuration Events.

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