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About the Intel AMT SDK

The SDK enables developers to incorporate the following features into their applications:

   Robust asset management

   Hardware asset discovery

   Hardware information and location

   Out-of-Band management

   OS-independent diagnostics

   Non-volatile storage

   Event management

   Remote control capabilities

   System Defense capability

   Agent Presence capability

   Out-of-band connectivity to an Intel AMT-based platform when it is outside of an enterprise intranet

Intel AMT supports remote applications running over Windows* or Linux*. Intel AMT Release 1.0 and Releases 3.x, 5.x, and 6.0 support both Linux and Windows local applications. Intel AMT Releases 2.0, 2.1, 2.5/2.6 and 4.0 support only Windows-based local applications.

The SDK includes both a C++ and a C# CIM Framework that ease development of manageability applications over WS-Management. The C++ and C# WS-Management samples demonstrate use of the frameworks.

It is also possible to use the capabilities of Intel AMT via Visual Basic (VB) scripts. Refer to the Intel Manageability website and look for the Genscript tool.

The following table provides an overview of the components included in the Intel AMT SDK.





Intel AMT Redirection Library

Dynamic Library (Windows*)

Static Library (Linux*)

Header Files

Sample Code

Provides an abstraction layer that implements “Serial over LAN” (SOL) and Storage Redirection (USB-R or IDE-R), via a C language API.

Allows managing remote Intel AMT machines through SOL/Storage Redirection sessions.

Intel AMT WS-Management Sample Applications

Sample Code

Provides examples of how to manage Intel AMT using WS-Management. Samples are written in C# and C++.

Assist development in understanding how to use WS-Management to manage Intel AMT.

Intel AMT System Defense Capability

Sample Code

Provides examples of System Defense and Agent Presence.

Assist development in using System Defense and Agent Presence feature.

MPS Sample


Functional sample emulating a vPro enabled gateway that supports the Fast Call for Help and Remote Scheduled Maintenance features.

Assist in developing console applications that need to connect with Intel AMT via a vPro enabled gateway.

Intel AMT Storage Library

Static Library

Header Files

Sample Code

Provides a storage-level abstraction layer for Storage commands; the library supports local and remote applications.

Enables local and remote access to Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) on Intel AMT machines in all power states.

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