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Adding Custom Web Applications

You can host additional web applications in Intel AMT, with a total size of up to the maximum total 200KB of space allocated for use by this feature. These pages can be linked to from either the default Intel AMT WebUI interface or your custom WebUI interface.

note-icon WebUI Deprecation Note:

Intel plans, in future platforms, to remove the option of connecting to Intel AMT via the Web UI application. Instead, customers will have the option of downloading a web application to the Intel CSME firmware and interacting with the web application via a browser. This will provide similar functionality to that of the Web UI, but will require the additional initial step mentioned. The date for removal of the Web UI has not yet been decided. (Document update: January 2021)

Other than the default index and logon pages, all pages you create in your web application must be added under the following three-level folder hierarchy:


Use a standard HTML PUT request to store a webpage at this location. This action requires the ADMIN_SECURITY_ADMINISTRATION_REALM credential.

PUT requests to locations outside of /amt-storage/, or to locations of a depth of less than three directories, will fail. You can have a maximum of 8 vendor folders at a time. Each can have a maximum of 8 application folders and 16 files. There is a maximum of 64 files across all folders. Each file can have a maximum of 11 ASCII characters in its filename.

The maximum size of an HTTP request is 8K, but the web application hosting feature supports the use of HTTP chunks for larger files.

Directories will automatically be created using the names you provide under “vendor” and “application”. The page that you created will be accessible at http://[ipaddress]:16992/amt-storage/[vendor]/[application]/[filename].

If you have replaced the default Intel AMT WebUI, you will presumably link to your new web application from your custom homepage. However, the default WebUI is also designed to automatically link to pages that have the following tags in their metadata:





<link>Blue Sky Image</link></metadata>

The text that you place between the <link> tags will appear as a link on the Web Applications Links page of the default WebUI:

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