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Additional Subscription Options

This section describes additional options that can be defined when subscribing to events.

Reference Parameters

Reference parameters can be set during the subscribe command and will afterwards be sent to the subscriber receiving the events. Reference parameters are additional information that usually used to distinguish between events sent from different platforms.

It is normal to declare a namespace in the namespace declaration section:

    <-- Optional: Added for the Reference Parameters -->


And in the body of the subscribe command (inside a NotifyTo block below the </wsa:address> tag (See the example here):


    <-- Optional: Reference Parameters (will be present in the

        event) -->


          <-- This is free style -->




    <-- End of optional Reference Parameters -->

Reference parameters are limited by Intel AMT to a maximum length of 256 characters. This value includes tags and namespaces, and not just the values.

In the received event the following will be included in the event header:

    <m:Hello xmlns:m="">



    <m:Goodbye xmlns:m="">




Digest Authorization

It is possible to send a username and password that will be used for digest authorization when the event is sent. This is done by adding the following section to the header or the subscribe request:

    <-- Optional: To request digest authentication when alerts are sent -->




    wssecurity-secext-1.0.xsd" soap:mustUnderstand="true">





      <-- username -->





      <-- Password -->







  <-- End of digest authentication section -->    

And the following section should be part of the body of the subscribe request:

        <-- Optional – if digest authorization is requested -->



        <-- End of digest authorization section -->


The Intel AMT device will use the username and password provided using HTTP digest authentication to authenticate itself to the WS-Eventing listener.

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