Administrative Users

There is a predefined administrative user named “admin” that has access to all Intel AMT realms. The admin user is always a Digest user. The admin user can use the commands in the Security Administration interface or use the Simple Identity/Role-Based methods to create additional ACL entries for additional users. As part of the setup and configuration process, it is necessary to create the users required for an ISV application, subject to the limits on the number of available ACL entries.


A user with PTAdministrationRealm (ADMINISTRATION_REALM) privileges has access to all realms, unless another user has audit log permissions. In that case, the admin user will not have audit log permissions.

The default admin user can not be deleted or disabled and cannot be retrieved by GetUserAclEntryEx and EnumerateUserAclEntries. It can only be modified and retrieved using the SetAdminAclEntryEx and GetAdminAclEntry methods.


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