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Agent Presence Attribute

The AMTAgentPresence attribute reports on the status of software agents running on the host that are monitored by the Intel AMT Agent Presence feature. The attribute is a fixed length of 352 bytes. It can contain up to 16 entries, each containing 22 bytes:

   Agent GUID: 16 bytes

   State counters: 5 bytes- each time an agent enters one of the listed states, the corresponding one-byte counter is incremented. The states are:

   Not started – 1 byte

   Running – 1 byte

   Expired – 1 byte

   Stopped – 1 byte

   Suspended – 1 byte

   Current state: 1 byte. The valid values are:

     0x1         Not started

     0x2         Stopped

     0x4         Running

     0x8         Expired

     0x10       Suspended

Intel AMT adds agent presence information to the posture for a selected agent only if the agent was configured with at least one state transition configured for “EAC Action.” Once one transition is so configured, Intel AMT maintains all of the state counters for that agent. See Agent Presence for information on the Agent Presence feature and the options for actions on state transition.

The attribute can report on up to 16 agents. An unused entry will have its GUID field set to zero. The populated entries may not be adjacent: there may be “holes” of unused entries dispersed between populated entries.


   Although the SoH reports on the health of Intel AMT itself (e.g., security settings, boot device), the Agent Presence attribute is really reporting on the health of the host and the agents running on it. The SHV can evaluate the Agent Presence attribute and restrict access of the host to the network even if host-based SoH messages do not indicate non-compliance.

   Do not define an agent with a GUID of zero. It is incompatible with the SoH format. See Create an Agent Watchdog.

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