Agent Presence Event


This event is supported by Intel AMT Release 2.0 and later releases.

Trap Definition

Specific Trap Info

Event Sensor Type

12h (System Event)

Event Type

0Ah (Discrete)

Event Offset

00h (System Reconfigured)

Variable Binding Info

Event Source Type

58h (System MNG card)

Event Severity

01h (Info)

Sensor Device

FFh (NS)

Sensor Number

FFh (NS)


26h (Remote (Out of Band) Management Communication Device)

Entity Instance

00h (NS)


AAh (EventData 2-5 valid)
Bytes 2..7 contain the truncated UUID of the agent being reported.

Byte 8 contains the state of the agent after the transition (NotStarted= 0x01, Stopped= 0x02, Running= 0x04, Expired= 0x08, Suspended= 0x10)


This Event is sent to all Event subscribers that specified a matching Event Filter.
This Event is logged depending on the Event Filter configuration.

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