Authentication Interface

The MPS supports an interface for authenticating connections from Intel AMT platforms and for authenticating Socks connections from management consoles. The interface supports a username and password as input and returns a Boolean indication (true  = authenticated).

Users can create their own authentication mechanism. The SDK includes the source and binary for a sample dll that performs authentication via a table lookup in a text file. Note that the Intel AMT authentication dll and the Socks authentication dll must have different names.

Authentication dlls should contain the following prototype:

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)

bool Authenticate(string userName ,string userPassword , string
  paramStr  ,string &errorString);

The first two parameters are the username and password to be authenticated.

paramStr is the string in DllParameters in the MPS configuration file, used as a way to pass parameters to the dll.

The dll should return a string in errorString if there was an error during execution. The MPS will write this message to the log.

See the Add a Management Presence Server use case for the Intel AMT MPS username and password limitations.

Table Lookup Sample

The SDK includes two versions of the table lookup dll: AMTFileAuth.dll and SocksFileAuth.dll. The dlls are identical except for their names. They search a text file for an entry that matches the username and password. The text files are in the format <username>:<password>, one entry per line. See the files AMTAuthFile.txt and SocksAuthFile.txt for example of this format.


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