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Boot Configuration Details

The CIM_BootConfigSetting instance is also associated with constant instances of CIM_BootSourceSetting. They are:

   Hard-drive boot

   CD/DVD Boot

   PXE boot

   Booting to an ISV’s PBA (available in One-Click Recovery from Intel CSME 15)

   HTTPS boot (available in One-Click Recovery from Intel CSME 15)

   Booting to WinRE (available in One-Click Recovery from Intel CSME 15)

   Diagnostic boot (removed in Release 7.0)

For the boot sources “Hard-drive” and “CD/DVD” define the drive index using the AMT_BootSettingData.BootMediaIndex property of the AMT_BootSettingData instance associated to the CIM_BootConfigSetting instance associated to the boot source. The values are “0” for default drive, “1” for primary drive and “2” for secondary drive.

One-Click Recovery, available from Intel CSME 15, allows a management console to initiate a recovery process with a single command.

As defined in the section 8.3 of the Boot Profile, the boot order of the boot sources associated to CIM_BootConfigSetting can be changed using the CIM_BootConfigSetting.ChangeBootOrder method. This method accepts an array of CIM_BootSourceSetting instances. Only the first boot source in the array will affect the boot process, because the FailThroughSupported property in each CIM_BootSourceSetting instance is set to 2 (not supported). This value reflects that if the boot process fails on the first boot source, the boot process will not continue to the next boot source.

Some of the settings of AMT_BootSettingData cannot be defined when a CIM_BootSourceSetting is also defined for the associated CIM_BootConfigSetting. This behavior is different, depending on the version of Intel AMT.

Intel AMT specific boot settings are specified in AMT_BootSettingData, which is a concrete subclass of CIM_BootSettingData. This instance of AMT_BootSettingData is associated to CIM_BootConfigSetting (as defined in section 7.12). AMT_BootSettingData holds the boot definitions of the associated CIM_BootConfigSetting and can be modified using the modifyInstance (PUT) operation. For details about the available configuration, see the AMT_BootSettingData class.

AMT_BootCapabilities is an Intel AMT–specific extension used to determine which of the AMT_BootSettingData options are supported by the platform, which can vary between OEMs and SKUs. Ensure that support for the needed settings exists prior to executing a flow, by first retrieving the platform capabilities.

To set a boot configuration for actual use, invoke CIM_BootService.SetBootConfigRole from the CIM_BootService instance associated to the managed system. This call should be used with role “IsNextSingleUse” only. Other roles are not supported. A call to this method will modify the CIM_ElementSettingData that associates the CIM_ComputerSystem with the Name = “ManagedSystem” to the CIM_BootConfigSetting.

The configured boot settings will be used only when the boot is triggered by the Intel AMT by using the power management profile described above.


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