Boot Control

The boot control functionality in Intel AMT is associated with the CIM_ComputerSystem instance with the Name “ManagedElement”.

Support for Optional Profile Features

The following optional class and methods are not implemented in the Intel AMT Boot Control implementation:

   CIM_BootServiceCapabilities class



The following optional clauses in section 7.4, Boot Configuration are supported:

   7.4.5 Next Single Use Boot Configuration

   7.4.6 Not Next Boot Configuration

The following optional clauses are not supported:

   7.4.2 Default Boot Configuration

   7.4.3 Current Boot Configuration

   7.4.4 Next Boot Configuration

A CIM_BootConfigSetting instance with “InstanceID=Intel(R) AMT:Boot Configuration 0” supports the above behaviors (i.e. isnextsingle, isnotnext).

An instance of CIM_ElementSettingData associated to the above CIM_BootConfigSetting models the “Next single use boot configuration” and the “Not next boot configuration”. Invoke CIM_BootService.SetBootConfigRole to modify this instance of CIM_ElementSettingData.

See Also:

   Retrieve the Boot Configuration Settings

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   Get Boot Details for a Boot Configuration Setting Instance

   Set or Disable Boot Configuration Settings for the Next Boot

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