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C# CimFramework Classes

The C# CimFramework classes support both strong typing and no a priori typing. The generated classes based on the MOFs supported by Intel AMT inherit from the CimBase abstract class. The generated classes implement strong typing as the C# compiler validates their correct use. The members of the generated classes send or receive data by creating an instance of CimObject and invoking its methods. CimObject converts the data in the object to and from elements in the XML document contained in CimData. The object under consideration is maintained internally as the XML document.

The C# CimFramework supports applications that do not depend on strong typing as an application can create instances of CimObject directly, providing the class and field names as strings. Of course, invalid requests may result in runtime errors.

The only classes that a developer uses directly are CimBase (via a generated class inheriting from it) and CimObject.

The figure shows the relationship between the classes. CIM_ManagedElement and CIM_ManagedSystemElement are examples of generated C# classes that inherit from CimBase and are based on their defining MOF. The methods inherited from CimBase translate all requests and parameters to a CimObject method request. CimObject translates object elements to and from the internal representation maintained in CimData.

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