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Change Idle Timeout

The IdleWakeTimeOut parameter defines the minimum time value, in minutes, that Intel AMT will be operable after waking up from a sleep power state. This is also the length of time that Intel AMT remains fully powered after the platform enters a sleep or off state. This timer is restarted whenever Intel AMT is servicing requests.

The following steps describe how to set the idle timeout parameter.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_GeneralSettings, where the “InstanceID” key equals “Intel(r) AMT: General Settings” by invoking AMT_GeneralSettings.Get.

2.  Set AMT_GeneralSettings.IdleWakeTimeOut to a valid value and invoke AMT_GeneralSettings.Put.

Additional Information

This value should be set to a minimum of 3 minutes so that Wake on LAN has time to complete. This is essential opposite Linux-based platforms. For example, a console may send an ARP when Intel AMT is in a low power state. The ARP may time out before Intel AMT can respond and the console may wait a a full minute before retrying the ARP.

The platform does not transition to Moff in less than two minutes, even if this value is set to one minute.

This setting is not applicable to power packages that do not have a “Wake” option.

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$generalSettingsRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM AMT_GeneralSettings WHERE InstanceID='Intel(r) AMT: General Settings'")

$generalSettingsInstance =$generalSettingsRef.Get()





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