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Changes from Release 3.0 to Release 3.2

Intel AMT Release 3.2 (point release 3.2.1) advanced compliance of Intel AMT Release 3.0 to the emerging DASH standards. The changes from 3.0 to 3.2.1 include:

   Incorporation of DASH errata into the power management profile.

   Addition of the Simple Identity Management profile.

   Addition of the Role-Based Authorization profile.

   Addition of the Indications profile.

   Handling of endpoint references changed to meet standards requirements. _GUID selectors were removed.

   Evaluation of selector names is now not case sensitive.

   The _cimnamespace selector is accepted, but it is ignored if its value is ‘interop’.

   The flow for RequestPowerStateChange was modified to conform to the DASH spec.: CIM_PowerManagementService.RequestStateChange no longer depends on invoking CIM_BootService.SetBootConfigRole.

   The method AMT_TLSCredentialContext.Put was added.

   In AMT_PCIDevice, InstanceID type changed from uint16 to string.

   DASH Discovery updated to meet current draft standard.

   AMT_PublicKeyCertificate class now supports UTF-8 conversion.

   octetstring mappings in CIM_Account.UserPassword and in CIM_RemoteIdentity.Name corrected to meet standard mappings.

   AMT_8021Xprofile.PxeTimeout property added.

   Error code mappings were updated for some methods.

   The wsen:Expires tag inside an enumerate request now causes a fault.

   Two methods added to AMT_KerberosSettingData: GetCredentialCacheState and SetCredentialCacheState.

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