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Changes from Release 5.0 to Release 5.1

Release 5.1 incorporates the following feature changes:

   The Access Monitor feature now allows configuring the circumstances when it is allowed to overwrite audit log entries.

   Intel AMT Release 5.1 incorporates a number of changes that align Intel AMT to the DASH 1.0 specification. Many of the changes are small differences that are apparent only when an application attempts to invoke a method incorrectly (for example, by not providing a required parameter). Several of these changes are not backward compatible and require applications to detect the version of the Intel AMT firmware before performing the affected method.

The remote control sample in the Intel AMT Release 5.1 Software Development Kit demonstrates an implementation that behaves differently for different firmware releases. The sample uses CIM_Software Identity to get the VersionID of the firmware and then uses either “Source” or “source” as a parameter for CIM_BootConfigSetting.ChangeBootOrder, depending on the firmware version (see below). Release 5.2.10 (and Release 6.0) accept either “Source” or “source” as a correct value.

The changes made from Release 5.0 to Release 5.1 have different levels of impact on backwards version compatability. 

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