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Changing Default Screens with the F1 Key

When a target platform has two displays, it may be possible that the selected display will not be the one displaying the sprite containing the user consent code (OTP). During the time that Intel AMT waits for the IT operator to enter the OTP, Intel AMT enables the F1 key to toggle between screen 0 and screen 1. The displayed OTP entry form shows icons for two monitors numbered 1 and 2, corresponding to monitors 0 and 1. The highlighted monitor is the selected monitor. Pressing F1 causes Intel AMT to switch between the monitors.

Starting with Release 8.0, Intel AMT supports platforms with up to three displays. The OTP entry form will show up to three options. There is always an option 1 and there can be either option 2 or 3 or both.

If use consent is not required and the platform has two active displays, Intel AMT will display a screen allowing the IT operator to switch between monitors using the F1 key. The operator then presses Enter to complete establishment of the session.

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