The CimBase class is an abstract class inherited by all generated classes. Basic WS-Management functions (Create, Get, Put, Enumerate, and Delete) are ultimately performed by the WS-Management transport layer, as wrapped by one of the WS-Management clients.

Public Member Functions



CimReference Create()

Create this object. Return a reference describing the actual object.

VectorFieldData GetAllFields()

Return all the fields and their values.

void Get()

Get an instance of a known CIM Class via a WS-Management Get

void Get(const CimKeys &keys)

Get an instance of a known CIM Class using the values of the key field or fields via a WS-Management Get.

void Get(const CimReference &reference)

Get an instance of a known CIM Class, using a CIM reference via a WSManagement Get.

bool IsKey(const string &field)

Check if a given CIM Field is designated as a key field.

bool IsRequired(const string &field)

Check if a given CIM Field is designated as a required field.

void Put()

Send an object to an Intel AMT device via a WSManagement Put.

void Delete()

Delete an object in an Intel AMT device via a WSManagement Delete (delete the calling object)

Static Public Member Functions

Enumeration functions with an EnumerationFilter parameter support the CIM filtered enumeration mechanism. This mechanism allows enumerating those objects associated with the requested class. The class EnumerateFilter defines the parameters of the objects to be returned. The enumerations are either association queries – a request for association objects linked to the root object – or associated queries – objects associated to the root object. The filter then defines a more limited set of objects to return. See the DMTF documents Web Services for Management (WS-Management) Specification (DSP0226) and WS-Management CIM Binding Specification (DSP0227) for additional information on enumeration filters.



vector<shared_ptr<CimBase>>EnumerateRef(ICimWsmanClient  * client, const EnumerateFilter &filter)

“Special Enumerate” (return a vector of CimReference pointers).

void Delete(ICimWsmanClient * client, const CimReference &reference)

Delete the object specified by a CimReference.

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