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Commit Changes

The following steps describe how to commit the changes performed during setup and configuration and transition the Intel AMT platform to an operational state.

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Below is a list of commands that modify the flash when they are executed but require CommitChanges to cause a reset sequence:

AMT_PublicKeyManagementService.AddTrustedRootCertificate, AMT_PublicKeyManagementService.AddCRL, AMT_PublicPrivatKeyCertificate.Put.

The list of commands below will not modify the flash until CommitChanges is issued and performed successfully. Their settings will be lost if the platform loses power before processing the CommitChanges command:

AMT_TLSSettingData.Put(Enabled), AMT_TLSCredentialContext.Put


1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_SetupAndConfigurationService, where the “Name” key equals “Intel(r) AMT Setup and Configuration Service”.

2.  Invoke AMT_SetupAndConfigurationService.CommitChanges.

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You can execute this snippet by inserting it into the execution template found here.


$setupAndConfigurationServiceRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM AMT_SetupAndConfigurationService WHERE Name='Intel(r) AMT Setup and Configuration Service'")

$inputObject =$setupAndConfigurationServiceRef.CreateMethodInput("CommitChanges")

$outputObject =$setupAndConfigurationServiceRef.InvokeMethod($inputObject)

$returnValue =$outputObject.GetProperty("ReturnValue")



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