Configuration Files

The MPS requires the following configuration files:

   mps.config All of the parameters in the above table are defined in this file, except for log tracelevels parameter. The MPS application reads this file on startup.

   Mps_dynamic.mps defines parameters that can be changed dynamically. The tracelevels parameter is the only one in this category.

   NotificationList.config contains a list of subscribers receiving notifications of Intel AMT platform connections/disconnections.
The entries in the file are in the format (http/https)://(IP Address/FQDN):(Port)/(rest of url)
(one per line). For example:

   AuthorizedServersList.config contains a list of servers that are authorized to receive alerts from Intel AMT platforms. If an Intel AMT device sends a PET alert to an address not in this list, the alert will be discarded. If a WS-Event connection is attempted to an address not in the list, the connection will be refused.
The entries in the file are in the format <IP Address/FQDN>:<port> (one per line).

The SDK includes samples of these files, located in the MPSModule_<version>.zip file at

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