Configure the Domain Server

Install all the necessary applications:

   Active Directory

The following Microsoft site has instructions for installing Active Directory.

See the following site also for step-by-step help in installing Active Directory.

This configuration example configures a domain named “” on a Domain Server named “intel”.

The tool adsiedit.msc, available on the Windows Server 2003 CD, is useful for managing Active Directory and user and group entries.

   DHCP and DNS servers

DHCP and DNS servers are not required for Intel AMT, but a DNS server must be present for Kerberos operation and DHCP servers are typically used in enterprise installations. By default, DHCP will enable the 006 DNS and 015 DNS Domain Name options.

In the example, the domain is set to and the domain server IP (and therefore the DNS IP) is set to

The name of the domain server in the example is intel.

   In Active Directory, create a group for AMT users in the domain Users list named AMT. This group will be used later for defining the Intel AMT ACL entry. A user must be in this group to communicate with an Intel AMT device.

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