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Delete an Event Filter Subscriber

The following steps describe how to delete an event filter subscriber.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_SNMPEventSubscriber you want to delete, using the “PolicyID” and “InfoFormat” keys to uniquely identify the instance.

2.  Invoke AMT_SNMPEventSubscriber.Delete.

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$policyID ="0" # The PolicyID you want to delete.

$infoFormat ="3" # Defines the subscriber - identified either as Ipv4 Address (3) or Ipv6 Address (4).

$snmpEventSubscriberRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("AMT_SNMPEventSubscriber")

foreach($snmpEventSubscriberItem in$snmpEventSubscriberRef.Enumerate())


    $snmpEventSubscriberRef =$snmpEventSubscriberItem.Object.ToReference("Name","CreationClassName")

    $snmpEventSubscriberInstance =$snmpEventSubscriberRef.Get()

    if($snmpEventSubscriberInstance.GetProperty("InfoFormat") -like $infoFormat)


          if($snmpEventSubscriberInstance.GetProperty("PolicyID") -like $policyID)









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