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Delete a Specific Agent Watchdog

The following steps describe how to delete a specific agent watchdog.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog with the DeviceID used to define the agent (See Create an Agent Watchdog).


The DeviceID is the ID of the Agent watchdog in Base64 format.

2.  Invoke AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog.Delete.


Working with an agent watchdog using the class AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdogVA (releases 5.0 and 5.1) is the same as working with AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog. The only difference is that the HostID property is used to differentiate between agent watchdogs running on different virtual hosts.

This feature is not supported in Release 6.0 and will be removed entirely in a future release.


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$deviceID =# The ID of the agent watchdog in Base64 format, provided when the AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog was created.

$agentPresenceWatchdogRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog WHERE DeviceID='" +$deviceID +"'")






Additional Information

When you delete an AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog instance, the association instance of CIM_ConcreteDependency that associates AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog to AMT_AgentPresenceService is also deleted.

If the agent watchdog has actions (see Set an Agent Watchdog's Actions), then all AMT_StateTransitionCondition instances that are associated to the AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdog are deleted as well as the CIM_ConcreteDependency instances that associate them. In addition, all AMT_AgentPresenceWatchdogAction instances that are associated to the AMT_StateTransitionCondition are deleted as well as the CIM_ConcreteDependency  instances that associate them.

If the deleted watchdog had a system defense policy associated with it and that policy was enabled, then the policy will be disabled as a result of the deletion.

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