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Delete Digest User

The DASH SIM profile DSP1034 chapter 9.7 describes the flow for deleting a user.

Additional Information

There are two options for deleting a user with AUDIT privileges:

   The user removes his own AUDIT realm using his credentials via CIM_Privilege.Put.

   The user can delete himself (Intel AMT Release 5.1 and later releases) by invoking CIM_Account.Delete using his own credentials.

As a result of a delete, all instances that were created using CIM_AccountManagementService.Create will be deleted, including all relevant associations.

Pre-defined users (“admin” and all “$$...” users) cannot be deleted and such requests will not be performed by the Intel AMT. (Attempting to delete the “admin” user returns a fault: “action  not supported” , but attempting to delete “$$...” users does not.)

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