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Detailed Description

The WMI interface is implemented using the Intel ME WMI provider (MeProv.DLL) included by OEMs in Intel® vPro installations. The provider abstracts lower level commands to a set of classes that support discovery and configuration. This capability is part of Intel AMT Release 6.0.

WMI applications can be easily–written scripts that allow ad hoc  examination of the Intel AMT and ME state without the need to develop programs in a more complex environment.


The methods in the WMI classes are declared static. Therefore, the methods cannot be executed from instances.



The WMI interface supports discovery of the following parameters, among others:

   Firmware version

   Setup and configuration (provisioning) state

   Current network settings

   ME settings

Imitating Remote Configuration

The WMI interface can be used to initiate remote configuration of Intel AMT by providing a one-time password (OTP) and a DNS suffix and commanding Intel AMT to start a remote configuration sequence.


The SDK contains three sample scripts demonstrating use of the WMI provider, located at

   SystemProperties.vbs – demonstrates using the WMI provider to retrieve Intel AMT and ME settings and properties.

   MEevents.vbs – demonstrates how to receive events from the Intel ME WMI provider.

   Activate.vbs – demonstrates starting the Intel AMT remote configuration process.

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