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Detailed Description

WS-Eventing is an event–driven reporting method based on the Web Services for Management data model (DSP 226) and DASH 1.0 Indication Profile (DSP 1054).

A user subscribes for a group of events (an event filter) and specifies the event delivery destination. When an event occurs, it is sent to the defined destination. The user can also unsubscribe (remove a previous subscription). As events occur, corresponding messages are buffered (for a maximum of 30 seconds) and then sent to the defined destination.


In addition to the WS-Eventing format, Intel AMT also sends events in the Platform Event Trap (PET) format.

   For information about PETs and how to subscribe to receive them, see Event Manager.

   The WSEventAndPetTableReplacement.xls file contains information about each WS-Eventing event and its PET equivalent (as shown in the following example of the PET fields).


WS-Eventing Event Subscribers

The number of possible subscribers for WS-Events is determined by the Intel AMT Release:

   From Release 3.2 to 5x: 6 subscribers

   From Release 6.0: 9 subscribers (plus a pre-defined local subscription for the User Notification Service)


WS-Eventing Event Groups

 An event can belong to one of the following groups:

   Platform events – Events defined by DSP 8007.

   Proprietary events – Defined specifically for Intel AMT


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