Detailed Description

The Web Application Hosting feature enables you to store web pages or web applications in the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) that Intel AMT manages locally on the client platform. Once stored, these pages can be accessed using any standard web browser.

You can replace the original Intel AMT WebUI with a new front page of your own design, or add links to your web applications to the default WebUI index page.

This feature also supports connecting to storage redirection by hosting a web application using a web socket.

Data placed in an NVM memory block is persistent. As a result, this data can be accessed even while the Operating System (OS) is not functioning or is uninstalled, as long as the system is physically connected to power and to a network.

Note: Prior to Intel ME, files can be created or deleted only if the system is in the S0 state. In Intel ME and later, files can be created or deleted in S0 and Sx.

The total amount of space available for your web pages is 200KB. This space is common to Web Application Hosting and Third-Party Data Storage (3PDS), so space taken up by one feature will limit the amount available to the other.

This feature was introduced in Intel AMT Release 11.6.

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