Detailed Description

Starting with Release 6.0, Intel AMT adds remote KVM to the existing redirection features Serial Over LAN (SOL) and Storage Redirection (USB-R or IDE-R). The KVM capability is enabled in the same way that SOL/Storage Redirection is enabled – with network administration commands. KVM first must be enabled in the Intel MEBx and the listener enabled (as with SOL/Storage Redirection) before a remote KVM session can be set up.

The AMT_GeneralSettings.PrivacyLevel determines whether KVM is already enabled after configuration completes. See General Info.

To know if a KVM session is open over a Wired or Wireless connection, check to which service class the AMT_EthernetPortSettings is connected.

note-icon Note:

Turning off a monitor during a KVM session may disconnect the KVM session.

KVM can be enabled remotely on one of the following types of ports:

   Redirection Ports (16994 and 16995)

   Default standard KVM port (5900)

   Through a Web Socket (16992 for HTTP, or 16993 for HTTP over TLS)


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