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Determine the Version of Intel AMT

The following steps describe how to determine the Release version of the Intel AMT firmware. The parameter is known as the firmware core version.

1.  Retrieve the instance of CIM_SoftwareIdentity with the InstanceID: “AMT FW Core Version”.

2.  Examine the CIM_SoftwareIdentity.VersionString property. For example, Release 6.0 is represented by “6.0.0”. A point release is represented by, for example, “3.2.0”. A hotfix might have a third value, such as “5.2.123”.

See the General Info Get Core Version use case for a function that implements this flow.

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Classes Used in This Flow

SDK Sample

If there is a sample demonstrating this flow, it is included in the SDK installation file. See SDK Installation Layout for details.


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