Disabling Intel AMT

Beginning in Release 12.0, it is possible to globally disable Intel AMT. When Intel AMT is disabled:

   All Intel AMT out-of-band network interfaces are disabled;

   The local interface to the Local Manageability Service (LMS) is closed;

   The Manageability Feature State option in BIOS cannot be enabled;

   Intel AMT cannot be provisioned;

   Intel AMT cannot be reenabled remotely; it must be enabled locally through the MEBX menu.

Intel AMT can be disabled using one of the following methods:

   Through the MEBX menu: Make sure that Manageability Feature State is disabled, then open the MEBX menu and change the Intel ® AMT option to Disabled. This option can only be reenabled after a reboot.

   Through an MEI command invoked by OS software: Invoke the CFG_DisableAMT MEI command.


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