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DSP0227: WS-MAN CIM Bindings

Intel AMT supports DSP0227[1].WS-Man-CIM-Binding.1.0.0b.

The following paragraphs detail aspects of Intel AMT compliance to DSP0227.

Section 8: Filter Dialects

   Selector Filter Dialect

(WIP-WSMANCR00040.000, WIP-WSMANCR00044.002): Intel AMT supports the selector filter dialect for specifying a scope on an enumeration (starting in Release 3.0).

Intel AMT accepts properties defined as keys in the MOF files as selectors. The selector value should correspond to key values required in the enumeration output.

   Association Queries

Intel AMT supports the association query dialect (starting in Release 3.2).

Of the three supported enumeration contexts, only one may be an association enumeration context. Attempting to execute a second association traversal operation results in a wsman:Concurrency  error. Starting in Release 7.0, all three enumeration contexts can support association enumeration. See the Note on enumeration contexts.

Class Namespace Usage

Intel AMT implements CIM classes from the following vendors:

   Classes whose name begins with CIM_ are provided by the DMTF. Intel AMT uses several versions of the DMTF’s CIM classes, but the major version number is always 2. The exact versions are documented in Intel AMT’s class reference documentation. The namespace prefix and ResourceURI prefix which should be used to access these classes is For example, CIM_ComputerSystem will belong to the namespace, and this is also its ResourceURI.

   Classes whose names begin with AMT_ are provided by Intel Corporation. Their namespace prefix is So, for example, AMT_AuthorizationService will belong to the namespace, and this will also be its ResourceURI.

   Similarly, classes whose names being with IPS_ are provided by Intel Corporation and their namespace prefix is So, for example, IPS_IPv6PortSettings will belong to the namespace, and this will also be its ResourceURI.

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