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Enabling/Disabling IPv6

Intel AMT has a wired interface, and a wireless interface in certain platforms. Beginning with Release 9.5, an Intel AMT can have only a wireless interface and no wired interface. Each interface is represented by a CIM_EthernetPort instance and is configured with different network settings. However, IPv6 configuration for the wireless interface is handled by another class representing the wireless interface: CIM_WiFiPort.


The Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Router configured for IPv6 requires a special Intel AMT setup so that Intel AMT will be compatible with the router. This router requires that IPv6 router advertised prefix be configured as part of the Intel AMT IPv6 address, otherwise, Intel AMT will not use the router as a default router.


The following steps describe how to enable/disable IPv6.

1.  For the wired port only:

a.   Retrieve the instance of CIM_EthernetPort, where the “DeviceID” key equals “Intel(r) AMT Ethernet Port 0”.

b.   From the selected interface, traverse the CIM_ElementSettingData associations to find the instance of IPS_IPv6PortSettings (it will only be present if the platform support s IPv6).

c.    Continue to step 3.

2.  For the wireless port only:

a.   Find the instance of CIM_ComputerSystem representing the Intel AMT, as described in Discovering CIM_ComputerSystem.

a.   From the CIM_ComputerSystem instance, traverse the CIM_HostedService associationclasses to find the instance of AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService.

b.   From the AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService, traverse the CIM_ServiceAffectsElement association to find the instance of CIM_WiFiPort.

c.    From the CIM_WiFiPort instance, traverse the CIM_ElementSettingData associations find the instance of IPS_IPv6PortSettings

d.   Continue to step 3.

3.  To enable/disable IPv6 on the interface: Set the following parameter in the appropriate CIM_ElementSettingData association (found in step 1 or 2) connecting the IPS_IPv6PortSettings to the CIM_EthernetPort or CIM_WiFiPort:




1 – Enable (Is current)

2 – Disable (Is not current)


Click here for a snippet demonstrating this step

You can execute this snippet by inserting it into the execution template found here.


# Create a reference to the CIM_EthernetPort instance.

$ethernetPortRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_EthernetPort WHERE DeviceID='Intel(r) AMT Ethernet Port 0'")

$elementSettingDataRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("CIM_ElementSettingData")


# Traverse to the CIM_ElementSettingData instances that are connected to the CIM_EthernetPort.

foreach($elementSettingDataItem in$elementSettingDataRef.Enumerate("",$null))


    # For each instance, check if it is associated to the IPS_IPv6PortSettings instance.



          $elementSettingDataRef =$elementSettingDataItem.Object.ToReference("ManagedElement","SettingData")

          $elementSettingDataInstance =$elementSettingDataRef.Get()








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