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Enabling the Development Environment

The Intel AMT SDK enables this scheme with the C++ CimFramework and the WS-Management client libraries.

note-icon Note:

Beginning in Release 11.5, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x86) must be installed to run the C++ CimFramework samples.


The C++ CimFramework builds and maintains an underlying version of the CIM object. This private object is an XML document that is a serialized version of the CIM object.

The ICimWsManClient is a wrapper to the lower layer WS-management client implementations. The available clients are based on Openwsman and WinRM. The application passes the serialized CIM object to the wrapper, along with information specifying connection information for the specific Intel AMT platform. The interface to the two clients is the same, although there are some inherent WinRM limitations:

   It does not support TLS mutual authentication

   It does not support defining a proxy per connection

   It does not support WS-Eventing.

   It does not support the following WS-Management Subscribe or Unsubscribe.

   It does not support the option of providing Kerberos authentication with user name and password.

The following limitation applies to the WinRM client:

   Using the client with WinRM version 2.x results in unexpected behavior.

The delivered framework includes the following DLLs:

   CPPCimFramework.dll – Contains all the generated classes for all of the CIM classes supported by Intel AMT. The generated classes are based on the MOFs that define the data model for Intel AMT Release 6.0.

   CPPCimFrameworkUntyped.dll – Supports manipulating CIM objects independent of a specific release, but without the benefit of the type checking inherent in using CPPCimFramework.dll.

The following diagram shows the DLLs and libraries required for an application using the C++ CimFramework.

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