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Enumerate Amt Information

The following steps describe how to retrieve the information in the AMT_Asset_Table.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_AssetTable, where the “TableType” key equals “130” (representing Amt Info Table).

2.  For that table retrieve the binary information: Structure Version, Supported Amt features, Oem Capabilities.

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$assetTableRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM AMT_AssetTable WHERE TableType='130'")

$assetTableInstance =$assetTableRef.Get()

$tableData =$assetTableInstance.GetProperty("TableData")

$tableDataInBytes =[System.Convert]::FromBase64String($tableData)

# Supported AMT features

$i = 12

$amtSupported =$tableDataInBytes[$i++]

$amtEnabled =$tableDataInBytes[$i++]

$iderenabled =$tableDataInBytes[$i++]

$solEnabled =$tableDataInBytes[$i++]

$networkEnabled =$tableDataInBytes[$i++]

$extendedData =$tableDataInBytes[$i++]



Additional Information

The following enumeration defines the structure of the Amt Information table.

typedef struct _PT_AMT_INFORMATION


uint32 StructuredVersion;

uint8 AmtSupported;

uint8 AmtEnabled;

uint8 IDEREnabled;

uint8 SOLEnabled;

uint8 NetworkEnabled;

uint8 ExtendedData;

uint8 OEMCapabilities1;

uint8 OEMCapabilities2;

uint8 OEMCapabilities3;

uint8 OEMCapabilities4;

uint16 Reserved;



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