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Enumerate Baseboard

The following steps describe how to retrieve Baseboard Information represented in the Intel AMT device.

1.  Find the instance of CIM_ComputerSystem representing the managed host, as described in Discovering CIM_ComputerSystem.

2.  From the CIM_ComputerSystem instance, traverse the CIM_SystemComponent association class to find the instances of CIM_Card and examine each object:

3.  For each object examine:

a.   CIM_Card.Manufacturer to see the name of the organization responsible for producing the Physical Element.

b.   CIM_Card.Model to see the name by which the Physical Element is generally known.

c.   CIM_Card.Version to see the version of the Physical Element.

d.   CIM_Card.SerialNumber to see the manufacturer-allocated number used to identify the Physical Element.

e.   CIM_Card.Tag to see the arbitrary string that uniquely identifies the Physical Element and serves as the key of the Element.

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# Create reference to the CIM_ComputerSystem instance.

$computerSystemRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_ComputerSystem WHERE Name='ManagedSystem'")

$systemComponentRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("CIM_SystemComponent")


# Traverse to the CIM_SystemComponent instances that are connected to the CIM_ComputerSystem instance.

foreach($systemComponentItem in$systemComponentRef.Enumerate("",$null))


    # For each instance, check if it is associated to the CIM_Card instance.



          # Get the CIM_Card object using its EPR.

          $cardInstance =$systemComponentItem.Object.GetProperty("PartComponent").Ref.Get()

          $manufacturer =$cardInstance.GetProperty("Manufacturer")

          $model =$cardInstance.GetProperty("Model")

          $version =$cardInstance.GetProperty("Version")

          $serialNumber =$cardInstance.GetProperty("SerialNumber")

          $tag =$cardInstance.GetProperty("Tag")






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The DSP1011 DASH profile (Physical Asset Profile) mentions CIM_Card, but does not have a specific use-case defined for retrieving it.

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